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About Us

We are an environmental organization. The uniqueness of our approach is that we recognize the profound link between the health of ecosystems and culture, health, safety and wellbeing of humans. It is important to note, however, that due to loss of the link with natural environment people in modern society, and particularly city-dwellers, may not realise to what extent humanity depends on ecosystems. Thus, our objective is to explain people how exactly nature determines their wellbeing and how each individual can contribute to conservation of the natural environment.

We believe that this strategy will allow mobilising general public to support real action in curbing environmental problems. Because according to Millennium Ecosystem assessment (2005) global degradation of ecosystems is mainly caused by human actions, we believe that only through engagement of general public and collective action ecosystem health may be improved.

Our team consists of talented people, experts in diverse areas including specialists in nature conservation, environmentally friendly business management, land art, human culture and environmental education.

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Our Mission

Based on a solid body of scientific evidence and our own research findings we make great efforts to address key environmental problems. Applying diverse environmental communication approaches including publishing, public speaking and art in line with UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals we share sound scientifically proven facts with people engaging them in support of sustainable development and conservation of natural ecosystems.

Our Vision

We believe that people across the World by obtaining a clear understanding of the link between their health, safety, wellbeing and culture will become engaged in nature conservation this way saving our planet Earth from catastrophic consequences of current ignorance of ecosystem health in human activities.

Our Partners

Nature-based Solutions Initiiative

University of Latvia

Latvian University of Agriculture

Pollinator Partnership

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NGO “Nature and People”

Reg. NR. 40008268234


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